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Eviction Defense

Evictions are emotionally traumatic, financially straining, and all around difficult to endure. All of that is compounded when you have been wrongfully evicted. In the state of California, landlords are responsible for the habitability of their properties, and for honoring the lease contract fully. Failure to do this can result in a wrongful eviction case. Mark Martinez has experience in defending tenants against wrongful evictions, and can help tenants across Southern California to exercise their rights as tenants.

Our First Step
Documenting How the Landlord Failed in Their Responsibilities

In California, landlords are required to follow the letter of the law in order to evict someone lawfully. If they offer you improper notice of eviction, accept partial payment of rent (even when the tenant is noncompliant with the lease agreement), or fails to maintain the premises, they have failed in their responsibilities as a landlord. Similarly, California landlords are responsible for maintaining a habitable environment for their tenants. Insufficient weather protection, failure to provide heating and hot/cold running water, unsanitary conditions, failure to keep the building or unit in good repair, and insufficient electricity are all responsibility failures. If your former landlord has failed in any of these areas, you may have a valid wrongful eviction case on your hands.

Our Second Step
Calculating Damages

If you have in fact been wrongfully evicted, as a part of your defense Mark Martinez will seek proper damages. These may come in the form of monetary compensation, emotional distress damages, and payment of future rent. Eviction is a difficult thing to endure. Mark Martinez will work tirelessly to make sure you are compensated for that unnecessary trauma.

Do not face eviction alone. Call Mark Martinez today to discuss the details of your potential case.

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